GTMU Driving with Military transfer

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Product Details


Drive a tiny tank just as the big ones! Best choice if you are all alone for the tank driving experience including a Russian Military 4x4 Transfer!




You will get a first-hand experience via one-to-one instruction on how to drive a tank!
Our objective is simple, to give you the best experience possible in terms of quality, enjoyment, and satisfaction.
Upon arrival, you will be given a safety briefing before driving. Your 1 drive around tank course of approximately 5 minutes followed by at least 5 minutes as a passenger with your Tank driving instructor. 
Spectators allowed as passengers for 48€ max 3 people!
This program last app. 45 minutes.


The GT-MU-1D is a light multi-purpose armored vehicle. It is a further development of the GT-MU with new diesel engine instead of petrol, and some other improvements. It was designed to carry troops, weapons, ammunition and other military cargo over difficult terrain. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 1 000 kg. It is also used to tow artillery pieces, mortars and special trailers with a maximum weight of 2 000 kg. However, the trailer can be towed at a cost of reduced vehicle payload. The GT-MU-1D can function as a front line load carrier for anything from ammunition to fuel. This multi-purpose armored vehicle is also used for medical evacuation from the battlefield. Production of the original GT-MU commenced in the early 1970s. The GT-MU-1D appeared later. It has been exported to former East Germany, and possibly other Soviet allies. Also, this vehicle can be found in service with some former Soviet republics.

 The GT-MU-1D has great cross-country mobility. This vehicle can go over swamps, sand, and snow. It can be also used in mountainous terrain. The maximum altitude where it can operate is 4 650 m above the sea level.

The engine is located behind the driving compartment. It separates driver and vehicle commander from the troops.

The GT-MU-1D has a welded steel armor hull. However, its armor is very thin and protection is rather limited. It provides protection only against light infantry small arms. Also, the vehicle is vulnerable to anti-tank mines as the hull floor is not armored.

This light armored vehicle has a crew of two, including commander and driver. It can carry 8 to 10 troops in the rear troop/cargo area. Passengers enter and leave the vehicle via rear doors. Also, there are roof hatches for observation, firing an emergency exit.

The GT-MU is unarmed. However, there are some firing ports provided for the occupants to fire their individual weapons.

The GT-MU-1D is powered by a GAZ-5441.10 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 173 hp. The original GT-MU was powered by a ZMZ-71 petrol engine, developing 115 hp. This vehicle has a 4-speed manual gearbox. This vehicle can operate at the temperature range from -50°C to +40°C.

This light armored vehicle has a watertight body and is fully amphibious. On water, it is propelled by its tracks. Amphibious speed on water is 5-6 km/h.

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