Family Packages

GTMU Driving with Military transfer

190 EUR

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Price / Participants: 190 EUR

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Drive a tiny tank just as the big ones! Best choice if you are all alone for the tank driving experience including a Russian Military 4x4 Transfer!




You will get a first-hand experience via one-to-one instruction on how to drive a tank!
Our objective is simple, to give you the best experience possible in terms of quality, enjoyment, and satisfaction.
Upon arrival, you will be given a safety briefing before driving. Your 1 drive around tank course of approximately 5 minutes followed by at least 5 minutes as a passenger with your Tank driving instructor. 
Spectators allowed as passengers for 48€ max 3 people!
This program last app. 45 minutes.

Off-Road Family Paintball

210 EUR

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Price / Participants: 210 EUR


Product Details


Attack targets with 100% realistic markers while offroading on a military 4x4!

5 Participants / Car .

Have an unforgettable but affordable military experience with your kids!í(from 9+) It is our best program combining Military vehicles - offroading - riding and shooting at the same time!




Shooting with Daddy

90 EUR

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Price / Participants: 90 EUR

This program is for you if: - Your children love military games - Nerf or console champions - They're at least 9 years old

Then you can try together what the real action is like!

UAZ 4x4 driving for kids under 14

59 EUR

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Price / Participants: 59 EUR

UAZ driving for under 14s! Is the kid there for military vehicles? Would you surprise him/her with a military 4x4 driving? Here are your places!

UAZ 4x4 Driving for Kid's

49 EUR

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Price / Participants: 49 EUR

Great experience awaits the kids when they get this experience as a gift!

Above  6 years old, your baby can drive the UAZ 4x4!
Driving can go in winter, summer in mud, and snow, the weather does not affect the program!
It is a huge experience for a child who loves the world of soldiers.
You can see original military vehicles that are also used in filming

Driving is possible any day of the week at a pre-arranged time.