One of the differences between Cold War Park and other museums is that you are not only viewing the vehicles from the outside, but you can touch them, climb inside them or drive them as well with and under our instruction.
Dear Visitor! Please notice that every penny you meant to spend at Cold War Park programs is also a donation for the survivor and professional maintenance of the Exhibited items.

Your Big Brother will watch after you, at Cold War Park!


You can find us at Budaörs Airport the first international airport of Hungary next to the main hangar behind the Iron Curtain!

Reserve Now!

48 - hours in advance

Budaörs Airport, 1118 repülőtéri way/

approach: 187,87,87A buses, Kelenföld M4 metro terminal


HOT NEW PROGRAM FOR 2023! Motor Paintball The best Paintball Game ever!

Attack targets with 100% realistic markers while offroading on a military 4x4!

5 Participants / Car.

Have an unforgettable but affordable military experience with your friends! It is our best program combining Military vehicles - offroading - riding and shooting at the same time!


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Big Brother is watching you at Cold War Park. We are prepared with hand sanitizer and equipment cleaning before each program. Please Book at least 48 hours ahead!

You can always reach us by phone if you have any questions!


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Dear Visitor,

Please be aware that Cold War Park Budapest is a unique interactive Museum and attraction where are no opening hours you can show up from a blue and buy your tickets at the door.  Cold War Park works only with prior bookings and closed groups. So there is no queue at the entrance no crowd inside a museum so you can enjoy every minute of your visit.

Looking forward to your reservation,

"Trust is a nice thing, but control is better" 



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This is a very very good looking website. You should be proud of the developers.

John Smith

Reviewed March 3, 2018, via mobile

We got picked up from our hotel. And went to an airstrip were we could drive in a tank what a great experience we had big smiles on our faces driving it.
After the driving, we went to a shooting range and shot with 3 different pistols and an ak47 and a sks. When shooting you get so much adrenalin. Next time we go to Budapest or Hungary we will come back for more!

Erik d Groningen, The Netherlands

Reviewed February 19, 2018

This was so much fun. Myself and 2 friends got to drive a tank, look at the exhibit of old tanks, trucks, and equipment, and shot a bunch of guns. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something out there and fun to do while visiting Budapest. Can't wait to come back and do some more fun stuff in the summer!!! Great staff as well!!!!

Allie J

Reviewed August 27, 2017

Had a great time along with my brother and father, Gabor and George are great guys. Be sure to take a ride in an armored vehicle! Oscar


Jola Szymanek reviewed Cold War Park Budapest — 5 star
August 25, 2017

An experience not to be missed! I had the best time here and I will be recommending this to everyone I know! There aren't enough words to articulate how much fun I had!!! I cannot wait to come back!

Jola Szymanek