Exhibited War Machines

MIG-21 climb in a real Mig-21 fighter like an ACE!

179 EUR

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MIG-21 BIS Manufacturer: Soviet Union Soviet Union

If your dream is to put on pressurized suite and sit in the cockpit of a real MIG-21 fighter like an ace? This is not a problem at Cold War Park!



Mi-24 Climb in to the cockpit like a real pilot!

170 EUR

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MI-24 Manufacturer:  

Type: Helicopters Weight: 8.35 t
Produced: 1969 Size: Length 21.35 m, Height 5.47 m
Number built: 2300 Engine: Jetturbine, 4400 HP
Crew: 2 Speed: 335 km/h


Mi-8 Climb in a cockpit like a real pilot!


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Manufacturer:  Soviet Union  Soviet Union

Type: Helicopters Weight: 6 t
Produced: 1961 Size: Length 18.17 m m, Height 5.65 m
Number built: 17000 Engine: , 0 HP
Crew: 3 Speed: 260 km/h


MIG - 23 Climb in a cockpit like a Cold War ACE!

179 EUR

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Type: Airplane Weight: 10.4 t
Produced: 1967 Size: Length 16.6 m, Height 4.82 m
Number built: 5047 Engine: Turbojet, 11500 HP
Crew: 1 Speed: 2300 km/h