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1. Shooting with low caliber rifles and shotguns, low and high caliber firearms and ammunition can be arranged.
2. 9 pieces of mixed-purpose firing line can be used at the shooting range. As defined in section 1 firearms can be used for target shooting, or towards inside from banquets for situational shooting.
3. The start of shooting is indicated with a "red light" which steady during the shooting instructor.
4. The shooting can only be carried out in the presence of a shooting instructor.
5. Residents of the shooting range must follow the instructions of the shooting instructor .
6. Firearms can only be taken into the shooting range with open bolt / lock (shotguns can be broken).
7. Firearms can only be kept in a designated place (rifle rack, table). It is forbidden to pass firearm or ammunition to unauthorized person or left unattended at firing lane.
8. Only shooters and shooting instructors stay at the firing lane.
9. Shots can only be fired to the target or the bullet absorber.
10. It is forbidden to shoot with jammed or malfunctioning weapon.
11. Any kind of problem with a certain weapon (loading, unloading) must be reported to the shooting instructor . Faulty firearms must be passed to a shooting instructor and inform him whether the weapon is loaded or not.
12. Going in front of the firing lane or fire shots from there can only be allowed in case of situational shooting and in the presence and permission of a shooting instructor.
13. Only the persons designated by the shooting guide can stay in the firing lane.
14. Ammunition or firearm can be taken out only by persons who have firearm licence, is is prohibited for persons lacking firearm licence!
15. Firing lane can be left only if the shooting instructor allows to do so.
16. Cleaning and repairing of firearms should be carried out only in the designated area.
17. Those who do not adhere to the safety rules must be banned by the shooting instructor.
18. Persons who are drunk or under influence of any drugs cannot stay in the shooting range.
19. First aid equipment must be available during shooting.  In case of accidents caused by firearms the competent authority will be notified immediately.
20. A shooting diary must be kept containing the participants datas and the quantity of ammunition used for the shooting event.
21. Only the shooter and the shooting instructor stay in the situational lobby.
22. The shooting instructor is responsible to keep the complete rules of situational shooting.
23. The shooting from the firing line can be occured by the permission of shooting instructor / shooting judge.

The shooter course program package:
• The identity card and residence card information registered prior to the start of the shooting, do not forget these documents at home!
• After that you'll be informed by training of arms and security rules, theoretical learning and presentation of arms
• Shooting will start in the firing lane with the help of shooting instructor 

• Attendants can participate in the event, can take pictures or videos during shooting, the target sheet can be kept, extra ammo and target sheets can be purchased as well.

• The program takes about an hour, this will greatly affected by the number of shots, tempo, and the arising questions.

You can be in the firing lane if:

• you are at least 18 years old.
• Your health conditions suitable for handling weapons, shooting.

• You have read and understood the rules of shooting and considered it obligatory for yourself, in particular compliance with safety regulations.

if you are a travel agency, event management office or Hotel and like to become our official partner? Please send a letter to 


Declaration of liability for tank driving


Basic rules at the Driving Field: - When you enter the driving field, first you go true a specified safety briefing for your chosen vehicle. You enter the vehicles only in your driving instructor command.

- You don’t have to start the vehicles, we will do it for you, all you have to do is learn how to drive it properly, and enjoy the ride.

- If you experience any problem with the vehicle, never try to fix it yourselves, wait for your driving instructor to resolve it.

- Cold War Park Budapest reserves the right to refuse driving privileges to an individual who, in the opinion of the instructor, are not in mental or physical condition to handle a vehicle, or acting dangerously during the, program or consumed any alcohol or drugs before the program.

                 name                                             date of birth                                    id.number                                                                                         signature:

………………………………                       …………………………….                    ……………………………..                                                            ……………............................................


Basic rules at the shooting range:

- Do not take any bullets or cartridges with you, since you can have serious problems at the airport.

- Shooting is a dangerous sport, please take it seriously and always keep the instructions of the shooting instructors.

- When you enter the shooting range, don’t play with the gun, do not point it at anybody, keep it always facing the target, even if you put it down.

- you don’t have to load the guns, We Will do it for you, all you have to do is learn how to hold it properly, how to aim and shoot.

- If you experience any problem with the gun or any bullet jamming, never try to fix it yourselves, keep the gun facing the target and wait for your shooting instructor to resolve it.

- the shooting club reserves the right to refuse shooting privileges to an individual who, in the opinion of the shooting instructor, are not in mental or physical condition to handle a firearm or acting dangerously during the shooting, or consumed any alcohol or drugs before the shooting program.

                   name                                                    date of birth                                           id.number                                                                       signature

………………………………                                  ……………………………                             . ……………………………..                                          .........................………………..

Dear Visitor,

Please be aware that Cold War Park Budapest is a unique interactive Museum and attraction where are no opening hours you can show up from a blue and buy your tickets at the door.  Cold War Park works only with prior bookings and closed groups. So there is no queue at the entrance no crowd inside a museum so you can enjoy every minute of your visit as a V.I.P!

Looking forward to your reservation,

"Trust is a nice thing, but control is better"

Privacy Policy with regard to the processing of personal data


Cold War Park Budapest regards it as a basic obligation to ensure fully the right to the protection of personal data in its operation, – therefore, by all means at its disposal and in every possible way, we strive to handle your data by fully complying with decree EU 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and in accordance with other applicable laws.

With regard to that one of the main aims of basic legislation is to ensure the transparency, we hereby, in this document would like to inform you about collection, usage, forwarding and last but not least safety of your personal data– especially when you get in touch with us regarding our products and/or services through our web site or other mobile application. We reserve the right to update and modify this current Privacy Policy at specified intervals so that these fixed terms should always reflect the actual method of handling personal data, and to be in full accordance with applicable legal obligations. If any of provisions should be modified based as per above, we will public the modified Privacy Policy on our web site, therefore, we kindly ask you to check the current Privacy Policy from time to time.


Who we are and how can you contact us?

The operator of commercial name “Cold War Park Budapest” and related business form is Erwa Gun., a company registered under Hungarian law, seated at:1222 Budapest, No 3-5, Pannónia str. (Company registration number:01 09 987752, tax number:23984361243(hereinafter called as „Cold War Park Budapest” or „we”).to Privacy Policy, we are considered to be a data management organization when we treat your personal information in any way.

We assure you that we welcome your opinion and suggestions and if necessary we will be happy to give you further information in all questions may arise regarding the handling of your data so please address all questions and concerns in this topic to the cold War Park Budapest Privacy Officer to the following email address: Additionally, you can contact us by mail or courier at the following address: 1222 Budapest, 3-5 Pannónia str.– please mark in the heading: for the Cold War park Budapest Data Protection Officer.


What category of personal data do we handle?

Generally speaking, we ask you to give your personal data, therefore during this process, you can affect what type of information you share with us. F.e. we get the following information from you:

During reservation online through the web site of Cold War Park, you forward your email address, First name and second name, phone number.

When booking, you give us information about the desired package, invoice details, chosen paying method, your phone number, etc.

To personalize the most your online user’s experience and our offers for your preferences, we can collect and process some information on browsing and user behavior during visiting our website, using our mobile phone application. Please read the following chapter on the purpose of data handling for further information about these terms

On our web site and in the mobile application we may store and collect such data we process by cookies and similar technologies.

We don’t collect and handle sensitive data classified as a special category as per the General Data Protection Decree in any way. Accordingly neither we collect nor we handle data persons under 18 until data supply.


What are the purpose and legal basis of data management?

We can use your personal data for the following goals:

For serving you the services of Cold War Park Budapest

This general goal includes the following applications, if necessary:

Creating and handle user account on the web site of Cold War Park Budapest;

Processing of orders including their welcoming, screening, confirming, and invoicing.

To manage deleting orders or ordering other services;

To manage your return program as per applicable legal provisions;

To refund the counter value of programs as per applicable legal provisions.

To provide support, including replying to questions regarding products and services offered by Cold War Park Budapest or regarding a concrete order.

In most cases handing and processing your data for the above reasons is necessary for making and performing the contract between you and Cold War Park Budapest. On top of this, handling some data for this purpose is required by statutory provision including Taxation and Accounting Law.

For upgrading our services

We are working on to serve the best possible service and online shopping experience every time for you. This requires among others, collecting and use some information on your shopping habits: this is why we do market research directly or by involving external partners.

These activities are based on our legitimate business interests, the same time we always keep in mind to avoid your fundamental rights and freedom suffered during such activities.

For marketing activities:

We would like to keep you informed about our latest offers and news about products you are interested in. To reach this goal we send you general and thematic newsletters certain from time to time through our electronic channels (e-mail, SMS, mobile notification, by banners, by pop-up messages, etc), furthermore, we inform you about products ordered formerly or similar to ones wished to order or supplement products.

Furthermore, we would like to present other commercial type requests and personalized offers on our web site and mobile application. In order to provide you information as per your interest, we can use some data regarding your shopping habits (f.e. viewed items, items added to the wishlist, purchased products). We ensure that such data handling and processing must be carried out with the utmost consideration of your rights and freedoms every time; we warrant you that data handling processes and actions will not affect you with any kind of adverse legal effect, will not limit your rights, and will not affect them particularly.

We carry out our marketing communication activity by your approval which you give us by sending the order and ticking „I agree with the General Contract Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy”. Anytime you change your mind, can withdraw your approval as follows:

By sending us an “Unsubscribe” message to our email.

Or through contacting Cold War Park Budapest at any of above-listed options

We use some of our marketing activities to promote and develop our commercial activities with reference to our legitimate business interests. Though any cases where we use information relating to you in the interest of our legitimate business interests, we act with the utmost care and guarantee to prevent your fundamental rights and freedom being hurt. At the same time, You can ask us a time in any of the ways listed above to cease handling your personal data for marketing purposes, which we reply the soonest possible to.

To protect our legitimate business interest:

There may be such situations were enforcing our own rights and business interests, protecting our commercial activities requires forwarding certain information. Such situations can be without completeness:

Protection and other precautions against cyber-attacks endangering the security of the web site and users of Cold War Park Budapest interface:

Provisions for preventing and detecting accidental intents to defraud including forwarding related information to authorized and public authorities;

Provisions to handle every further risk.

Our authorization to the above listed and detailed types of data management and data processing is based on our legitimate business interest to protect our commercial activities, meanwhile, we constantly guarantee that provisions made or placed in view take the principle of balance and proportion between our interest and your fundamental rights and freedoms into account.

Furthermore, we carry out the data handling and processing to fulfill some legal obligations some cases, in particular, it is necessary to guarantee the principles and values required by applicable law for that special case.


For how long we store your personal information?

In principle, Cold War Park will guard-store your personal data until your user’s account exists. Nevertheless, You anytime can ask us to cancel some of your data or your account, which request we reply without exception to, meanwhile ensuring fulfillment of data guarding-storing compliance with the law, even after the account is canceled.

If you don’t have a user’s account at, then the main principle is to store all information regarding orders from performing it/them for 3 years. It can happen similarly as written above that as per applicable law for guarding-storing requirements we are obliged to ensure data storing for specific data over 3 years.

To whom we forward your personal information?

In some cases, we shall pass on your personal data to parties of following sharing circles or give access to certain personal data.

To fulfill our statutory obligations, and in the interest of our legitimate business interest we give out certain personal data to public authorities.

We guarantee fully, that a private organization identified as a third party can have access to your personal data exclusively by complying totally with legal provisions on data protection, information security, and confidentiality, within the contractional content stipulated as per tied agreement with such organization.


To which countries we forward your personal information?

Currently, we store and handle your personal data in the territory of Hungary.

Such cases can arise, that we forward your personal data to an organization seated out of the territory of Hungary. These organizations can be within the EU and outside of EU, including such countries where the European Commission considers that the protection level of personal data is at least consistent to the one of EU has.

In each and every case we make steps and precautions required to ensure the security of personal data involved in international disclosures, for protection of your right to data protection and information freedom.

In all cases, the security of information provided to service providers and other third parties is protected by contractual obligations, and if somewhere needed, additional guarantees assure, f.e. provisions of a decree on General Terms and Conditions of forwarding personal data to third countries, and standard such certification systems like Privacy Shield, which is a security shield to protect data forwarding between EU and USA.

You can contact us anytime at any of the above-listed ways, if you have any further question about countries we forward your data or about those security provisions and assurance we apply during such data forwarding.


How do we protect the safety of your personal data?

We undertake to fully guarantee the security of personal data by implementing technical and organizational provisions in accordance with industry standards. We store your personal data on secure servers by using storage expansion mechanism and the most UpToDate technology encryption algorithm.

We use OTP SimplePay payment solutions. Each and every information regarding payment has encryption with SSL technology.

We draw your kind attention that in spite of all our efforts to protect your personal data, the safety of the forwarded information through internet generally and through other public channels is never considered to be full, therefore it may happen that such data are phished and used by unauthorized third parties. We are not responsible for the vulnerability of systems out of our control.


What right you have?

General data protection Decree gives you many rights related to your personal data. You can ask access to your data, modification of wrong data in our registration, and you can protest against the handling of your data. You have a right to make a complaint, objections at authorized authority or bring an action to the competent court. Depending on the situation you have a right to ask deleting of your personal data, limitation of data handling, and its blocking, furthermore ask for secureness of data transportation. For further information on the above rights, please read the below chart.

To enforce your rights you can contact us at any of the above-mentioned ways. Please read carefully the following points, if you want to enforce your rights:


identification We take strictly the confidentiality of personal data registration, therefore we ask you to send your request related to these registrations from the email address belonging to our account or from the email address you used during ordering.

If you use the alternate email address we keep the right to check your identity through an identification process of some questions.

Fees We don’t charge any fees when practicing your right to personal data unless your request for disclosure or access is baseless, unnecessarily repetitive, disproportionate or exaggerate, in which cases we provide disclosure or access to data for a reasonable fee. In any case, we may ask for a fee, we will notify you in advance, before processing the request.

Response deadline We reply to all valid requests within a month, maximum, unless the request is specifically complicated or if you have sent more requests at the same time, in which case we send our reply in 3 months maximum.

If we need more than 1 month to process your request, we will notify you about this fact. At the same time, it may happen, that we ask you further information to process your request, to reply your request with reference what data or documents you need, and hat concerns you may have if any. This way we can help you faster and time for reply are shortened too.

The right of a third party We are not obliged to reply to your request if the fulfillment of need in the request would result in hurting other data-protection people (s)’ or third parties’ right or freedom.

Right of access You can ask:

  • confirm, if we handle your personal data;
  • provide a copy of personal data subject to data management;

give further information regarding your personal data with special regards to what data we have, about the goals of data handling, who we share these data with, and whether we forward these data abroad, and how we protect these data, how long we store them, what rights you have regarding these data, what form and way you can complain, and finally, how we got your data, if we have not forwarded you the information on this topic prior to notification as per this point.

Right to rectification You can ask to correct or complete your inaccurate or incomplete personal data. Before correcting the wrong data, we can examine the realness and accuracy of related data.

Right to cancellation, to forget You can ask for canceling your personal data, but only if the related data is not necessary anymore for the fulfillment of data handling goals formulated at the time of collection;

or if you have withdrawn your approval (if the data handling is only based on approval)

  • or if you practice your right to protest;
  • or if the related personal data was handled wrongly;
  • or if the cancellation of related data is required by a law obligation.

We are not obliged to fulfill your request for canceling your personal data if processing your personal data is required and well-founded for the below reasons:

Complying with EU or member state law applicable, or in the interest of law requirements drafts, validation or protection.

On top of above listed, such circumstances can arise when we are not obliged to cancel your personal data as per your request, but first of all, we can deny such request from you in the above-listed cases.

We draw your attention before practicing your right to cancellation as per this point that canceling your data and coldwarparkbudapest account together with all involving data is irreversible, terminal process.

Right to limit data management (locking right) You can ask limitation of data processing lock your data), but only if below cases happen:

if you doubt the accuracy of personal data, for the time, needs checking, or if data processing is illegal and You stand against their cancellation.

or if the related data is not necessary for fulfilling data processing purposes created at its collection, but its cancellation is prohibited by submission, validation, or protection of some legal needs;

or if you lived with you right to protest and the examination of the legality of our process is not yet finished.

in case of locking right, we are entitled to use it further, if:

we have received approval from you

or use of related data is required to a certain right or legitimate interest in court

or usage of the related data (its exist) is required to protect another natural person’s right or of a legal person

If data processing is illegal, and you are against canceling data;

or if related data is not necessary anymore for fulfilling data processing purpose created at its collection, but its cancellation is prohibited by certain rights submission, validation, or protection of some legal needs;

or if you have lived with your right to protest, and examination of the legality of our process is not yet finished.

In case of practicing locking right, we are authorized to use your personal data further, if:

we have received your approval for this;

or use of related data is required to a certain right or legitimate interest in court

or usage of the related data (its exist) is required to protect another natural person’s right or of a legal person

Securing data transportability (right to data storage) You may as us to provide you your personal data in an articulate, widely used, machine-readable format; furthermore, you have a right to forward these data to an alternate Data Controller, if:

Data management is only done upon your approval and based on contractive authorization stipulated in the agreement you made and data management is automated.

Right to protest You may at any time protest for your own reason against handling/managing your personal data if you consider that your fundamental rights and freedoms require this against our business interest.

You can anytime without any justification protest against handling your personal data for direct marketing purposes too, including user’s profile making too; if it is related to direct solicitation, we cease data management within the soonest possible.

Performing automated processes As a data management subject, you can ask us to exempt you from making decisions made exclusively automated processes, but only if:

such a decision in the process has a legal effect on you. or

if you would be affected by it similarly significantly

The right under this point cannot be enforced if that decision is made through an automatized decision making:

  • it is necessary to make or perform a contract with you;
  • or if its making is possible as per such an EU or member state law, which stipulates appropriate provisions serving the protection of your rights and freedoms and legitimate interests;
  • or if it based on your special approval.

Right to complain You are entitled to make a complaint at authorized supervisory authority regarding processing your personal data. In Hungary data protection authority can be reached at:

Authority for National Data Protection and Information Freedom competent for personal data processing, Hungary, 1125, Szilágyi Erzsébet Alley 22/c,

Phone number: +36 (1) 391-1400

Without hurting your right to complaint at the supervisory Authority given by law, we kindly ask you to contact us at the first time and guarantee to do our utmost for peaceful settlement of your harm.


We would like to remind you again that you can contact the Cold War Park Budapest Privacy Officer at any time by choosing to send a request to any of the specified notification addresses:

by email

by mail or courier to the following mailing address: Erwa Gun Kft. 1222 Budapest 3-5 Pannónia str; please mark it in the address bar for the Cold War ParkBudapestPrivacy Officer

To participate or to reserve any appointments at any of the shooting or driving experience events organized by COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST accepting below points are necessary.

  1. General

By reservation, our guests accept our General Terms of Service automatically. In case of reservation on behalf of or name in somebody else (too), informing other parties (the reservation is made for) is the responsibility of the reserving person. For reservation, please send us data from our reservation system: number of participants, chosen package(s), date & time, reserving person’s phone number, email address. Bookings will become final only after confirmation confirmed by us in writing (email)!

  1. Reservation

2.1 At reservation giving real personal data is a must.

2.2 Reservations can only be modified or canceled freely in writing at the latest 48 hrs before the beginning of valid, confirmed in the written event, by sending an email to . Similar to the original reservation, neither modifications nor cancellations are valid until receiving our written (email) confirmation.

2.3 Modifications can concern to a number of persons attending, to chosen packages, or to time & date of the driving or shooting event.

2.4 Modifications within 72 hrs of the beginning , of the originally reserved program, can not be guaranteed, and we keep the right to not accept the modifications.

2.5 In case of cancellation or no appearance within 48 hrs of the beginning of the originally reserved program deposit can not be refunded, we keep it in all issues as a cancellation fee.

2.6 In case of delay over 15 minutes program will be deleted automatically and we keep the deposit as a cancellation fee in all issues.

2.7 We can ask for the reservation number or name in place.

2.8 COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST  reserves the right to modification of the availability of vehicles/weapons for maintenance or modification. Reserved times and vehicles/weapons in packages being unavailable can be canceled or suggest exchange after prior notification.

2.9 These terms are accepted automatically by reserving on phone or in place.

  1. Prices and payment

3.1 The price of the experience’s driving or shooting or other can be found at the web site of COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST , as per persons.

3.2 Booking through the web site of COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST or other OTA’s sites or on the spot is possible.

3.3 In case of paying a deposit, the rest of the amount must be paid in place, before the program starts.

3.4 When booking, we ask for 9000Ft / participant as a deposit ( € 25 ) to be paid online by credit card and at cancellation, the very latest 72 hrs before the beginning of the event, can be refundable. We will not debit your card until confirming in written (by email) the event, but finalizing the reservation is not possible without paying this amount of deposit. The rest of the amount must be paid in place before the event/program starts, as per details in the confirmation email. We accept both VISA and Mastercard. In case of paying by credit card, we debit the amount either in HUF or in EURO, as per the actual HUF/EUR rate.

3.5 Our prices are fixed, per persons and packages, including 27% Hungarian VAT and all costs regarding shooting, driving etc. including but not limited to safety equipment (eye and ear protection), range, equipment, weapon rental, compulsory basic security training, ammunition, targets, continuous shooting supervision, gas, basic maintenance.

3.6 We guarantee that our prices will remain the same after our written confirmation, any hidden costs will not raise regarding the confirmed packages. Special requests on top of finalized reservations must be paid in place, their availability is depending on capacity, safety reasons and other factors.

  1. Safety

4.1 COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST Shooting/Tank Driving/Motorpaintball/ “experience’s” is at your own risk.

4.2 COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST is not responsible for any injuries sustained at the Shooting / Driving / Paintball range.

4.3 All members of a group must accept the house rules, cooperate with employees and behave sound and responsible.

4.4 Employees of COLD WAR PARK BUDAPEST have the right to seek compensation on the spot for damage caused to equipment intentionally or improperly.  

4.5 Persons being under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs or behaving inappropriately, may be excluded from the event.

4.6 Smoking is prohibited in the shooting range area.

  1. Age limitations

5.1 People over 18 can participate in shooting experience

5.2 People under 18 can participate in all other programs only under adult supervision!

Legal Notice

Based upon legal requirements, all of our guests wishing to attend on any of shootings events must sign the register book containing important safety and legal statements. Guests like to participate in other programs must sign a Declaration of Liability letter before starting the program.