UAZ 4x4 Driving Commandarsky vehicle

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UAZ Commandarsky vehicle

Drive a Russian Troop carrier all-terrain vehicle from the '70s, at the first International airport of Hungary!

You will get a first-hand experience via one-to-one instruction on how to drive a Military Off Road vehicle!

Our objective is simple, to give you the best experience possible in terms of quality, enjoyment, and satisfaction.
Upon arrival, you will be given a safety briefing before driving. Your 1 drive around Military Off Road course of approximately 15 minutes or 5 laps is followed by at least 10 minutes as a passenger with your Military Off Road driving instructor.

Spectators allowed as passengers for 25 € 
This program last app. 35 minutes.

Type: Trucks Weight: 1.6 t
Produced: 1973 Size: Length 4 m, Height 2.05 m
Number built: Engine: Petrol, 75 HP
Crew: 7 Speed: 100 km/h
The UAZ-469 is a standard issue military all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant). It is also frequently used by police units.

The design is a very reliable and capable 4x4. It has gained huge popularity within Russia as well as former Soviet republics.

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