The Dictator Package

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The Dictator Package

All Comrades are equal, but some are more equal than others. There is only one  Leader. The Dictator receives a salute from all Comrades while sitting in his private tribune. The Supreme Leader drives his tank alone. The Supreme Leader has a private plane and car and pilot and chauffeur. The Dictator has a private shooting range officer and his own range. At the end of the day, The Supreme Leader receives a dictator diploma from his dictatorship. The Supreme Leader pays 990 Euros. 

Guaranteed form 1 person + 2 participants



Program includes:

- A door to door transfer:  Up to 3 participants 

- War Machine Exhibition guided visit: Up to 3 participants

- BMP1 Tank driving: for 1 person the Dictator max 2 passengers

- Utopia Flight over Budapest: up to 3 passengers 

990 EUR

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Price / Participants: 990 EUR