Shooting with Daddy

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This program is for you if: - Your children love military games - Nerf or console champions - They're at least 9 years old

Then you can try together what the real action is like!

Program Content:

2 laps with Russian UAZ dessant 4x4 Car

  • Shooting training,
  • briefing on the use of weapons
  • Safety briefing Introduction to "weapons" (90% identical paintball markers to the original)
  • Point Shooting 50 shots / participant
  • Dynamic tactical shooting 100 shots / participant
  • Photo Time


You can learn many interesting things about gun use and the military from our professional instructor. Besides, can you really try yourself in reality, what kind of talents did you have for shooting? Off-line is harder! But much better!

Participants: a total of 4

main players :

Dad (parental supervision required until age 16)

2 children from 9 to 30 years old

Mom (mom can be replaced with +1 child if you just want to watch)

90 EUR

Qty :
participants :

Price / Participants: 90 EUR