Snar 10 Driving

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SNAR 10 Driving! Drive a 240Hp Russian Infantry fighting vehicle!

You will get a first-hand experience via one-to-one instruction on how to drive a tank!
Our objective is simple, to give you the best experience possible in terms of quality, enjoyment, and satisfaction.
Upon arrival, you will be given a safety briefing before driving. Your 1 drive around tank course of approximately 15 minutes followed by at least 15 minutes as a passenger with your Tank driving instructor. 
Spectators allowed as passengers for 48 €
This program last app. 45 minutes.


Type Armored personnel carrier
Infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service late 1950s – present
Production history
Designer Central Auto and Tractor Directorate
Designed 1950s
Manufacturer Kharkiv Tractor Plant
Mass 11.9 tonnes (13.1 short tons; 11.7 long tons)
Length 6.45 m (21 ft 2 in)
Width 2.86 m (9 ft 5 in)
Height 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Crew 2 (+ 11 passengers)

Armor 14 mm max.
7.62 mm PKT machine-gun (2,500 rounds) or 12.7mm NSV or Kord machine gun or 30mm autocannon (2A42 or 2A72)
AGS-17D or AGS-30 grenade launcher
Engine YaMZ 238, V-8 diesel
240 hp at 2,100 rpm
Power/weight 20 hp/tonne
Suspension Torsion bar
500 km (310 mi) (road)
Speed 61 km/h (38 mph) (road)
30 km/h (19 mph) (off-road)
5 to 6 km/h (3.7 MPH) (in the water)

449 EUR

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