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Drive the iconic Battle Tank of the Cold War the most-produced tank ever! The T-55 800 hp!

You will get a first-hand experience via one-to-one instruction on how to drive a tank!
Our objective is simple, to give you the best experience possible in terms of quality, enjoyment, and satisfaction.
Upon arrival, you will be given a safety briefing before driving. Your 1 drive around tank course of approximately 15 minutes followed by at least 30 minutes as a passenger with your Tank driving instructor. 
Spectators allowed as passengers for 48 € 
This program last app. 45 minutes.
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1949–present
Production history
Designed 1945–1958
  • KhPZUVZ (Soviet Union)
  • Bumar-Łabędy (Poland)
  • ZTS Martin (Czechoslovakia)
  • 1946–1981 (Soviet Union)
  • 1956–1979 (Poland)
  • 1957–1983 (Czechoslovakia)
No. built 86,000–100,000+ est.
Variants See Operators and variantssection below
Specifications (T-55)
Mass 36 tonnes (39.7 ST)
Length 9.00 m (with gun forward)
Width 3.37 m
Height 2.40 m
Crew 4

Armour 205 mm turret front 
130 mm turret sides 
60 mm turret rear
30 mm turret roof
120 mm hull front at 60° (100 mm after 1949)[1]
79 mm hull upper sides
20 mm hull lower sides
60 mm at 0° hull rear
20 mm hull bottom
33-16 mm hull roof
D-10T 100 mm rifled gun
7.62 mm SGMT coaxial machine gun, (12.7 mm DShK heavy machine gun)
Engine Model V-55(V-54) V-12 water-cooled. 38.88-l diesel
500 hp (373 kW) up to 800 hp (597 kW) (late versions)
Power/weight 14.6 hp (10.4 kW) / tonne
Transmission Mechanical [synchromesh], 5 forward, 1 reverse gears
Suspension Torsion bar
Ground clearance 0.425 m
Fuel capacity 580 l internal, 320 l external (less on early T54), 400 l jettisonable rear drums
Speed 48 km/h (30 mph)

799 EUR

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